Bootcamp Packages

This onsite training package is intended for specific applications of GIS in the industry. The package is customized for industry needs. The curriculum is made up of contents in the Basic, Standard and Advance GIS Packages.

Price  N200,000

Educational Bootcamp

This Boot Camp is an industry training package for educational institutions and organizations.

1. These are customized on-site GIS training packages for a minimum of 10 participants.
2. Venue, and other training resources will be provided
3. Logistics including transportation, feeding and accommodation of facilitators are provided by the organization

The Bootcamp Packages includes:

Learn how to use various anylysis tools on your vector and raster data.  Enrol>>

Learn how to use ArcGIS online and build a webApp and Mobile App that will aid data collection, analysis and presentation.  Enrol>>

Learn about creating and displaying web maps, Explore the different types of layers in ArcGIS to determine which is best for your use case and discover the types of applications you can build with ArcGIS. Enrol>>

1. Introduction to GIS
2. Spatial Data Processing
3. Working with GPS
4. Cartographic Embellishment

1. Setting Up an account
2. Getting Started with ArcGIS Online
3. Creating New Data and Adding Pre-existing Data
4. Uploading Data Layers
5. Customizing Your Layers
6. Sharing Your Map

Price  N200,000